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Cattleya Species & Primary Hybrids


We offer a good selection of line bred species.  These are from superior parents often of the finest pedigrees. From typical to rare color forms, no one can say, "I have that already." You probably don't have ones this good!

The primary hybrids are from select parents and aim at a uniform, species-like crop, with the bonus of hybrid vigor.


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New Additions in Yellow

Be aware these are often more newly potted

4" Species:

2" Species

C. bicolor measuresiana x punctata - $15

C. loddigesii punctata x peloric punctata 'Got It All Goin' On'JC/AOS - $15

C. lueddemanniana semi-alba 'Excellente' x 'Eli Musica' - $15

C. percivaliana semi-alba amesiana x sib - $15

Primary Hybrids:


C. dormaniana 'Fat Lip'HCC/AOS x bicolor 'Terpsichore' - $10

C. leopoldii coerulea 'Kingston Mines'AM x loddigesii 'House of Blues'AM - $12

C. tigrina alba x B. cordata alba - $10

C. walkeriana 'Mirtha Isabel Oliveros' AM x L. pumila 'AWZ-USA' HCC - $12

C. warscewiczii s/a coerulea x loddigesii coerulea 'House of Blues'AM/AOS - $12

L. alaorii x praestans 'Diamond Orchids'HCC/AOS - $10

L. anceps v. guerrero x C. violacea s/a flammea 'Mirtha Isabel'FCC/AOS - $12

L. anceps v. lineata x C. violacea s/a flammea 'Mirtha Isabel'FCC/AOS - $12

L. anceps 'Roeblingiana'CHM x C. violacea s/a flammea 'Mirtha Isabel'FCC/AOS - $12

L. purpurata flammea x Psy. albopurpurea - $10



Plant List for Orchid Eros for June 2021