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Cattleya Species & Primary Hybrids


We offer a good selection of line bred species.  These are from superior parents often of the finest pedigrees. From typical to rare color forms, no one can say, "I have that already." You probably don't have ones this good!

The primary hybrids are from select parents and aim at a uniform, species-like crop, with the bonus of hybrid vigor.


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We will be on holiday for the rest of June.  Any orders submit will be shipped in July. Or wait for the July update.

New Additions in Yellow

Be aware these are often more newly potted

4" Species:

2" Species

B. cordata v. alba - $15

B. nodosa 'Mirtha Isabel' x Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - $15

C. amethystoglossa 'The Bright Spot' HCC/AOS x 'The Right Spot' - $20

C. bicolor 'Orchid Eros' x 'Sebastian Ferrell' AM/AOS - $20

C. bicolor v. measuresiana - $15

C. harrisoniana 'Hartford's' x 'Blu Llama' - $15

C. lueddemanniana ('CrownFox' x 'Infierno') x ('CrownFox' x 'Goliath') - $15

C. lueddemanniana v. concolor 'Pink Lemonade' AM x 'Incredible' AM/AOS- $20

C. lueddemanniana 'Leslie' AM/AOS x v. concolor 'Incredible' AM/AOS  - $20

C. lueddemanniana v. rubra 'Bliss' x 'Canaima's Panita' - $15

C. schofieldiana 'Green Guy' x 'Orchid Eros' - $15

C. trianae v. coerulea - $20

C. velutina  - $20

C. walkeriana v. alba (true) 'Mauna Loa' x 'Mauna Kea' HCC/AOS - $25

C. walkeriana tipo 'Couto' AM/AOS x v. flamea 'Orchid Eros Flare' FCC/AOS - $25C. walkeriana 'Gabe's Pick' x 'Couto' AM/AOS - $20

C. walkeriana 4N 'Welcome Back' x 'The Charman' AM/AOS - $20

C. walkeriana 4N 'Welcome Back' x 'Canaima's Sunny Boy' AM/AOS - $20

C. walkeriana 4N 'Marvin Davis' x 'The Chairman' AM/AOS - $20

C. walkeriana 'SVO Passion' AM/AOS x self - $20

C. warscewiczii v. alba 'Gabe's 10th' FCC/AOS x 'Cantadora' AM/AOS - $25

L. alaorii 'Two Too' x 'Peter Lin' HCC/AOS - $20

L. anceps 'Ten' HCC/AOS x 'Ultimo' - $25

Primary Hybrids:


Bc. Veludosa (nodosa x velutina)  - $12

C. bicolor (clear brown) x tenuis 'Orchid Eros' HCC/AOS - $12

C. bowringiana v. coerulea 'Augusta' AM x C. violacea v. coerulea 'Gabriel Amaru' AM - $15

C. guttata (clear) x tenuis 'Orchid Eros' HCC/AOS - $12

C. intermedia v. aquinnii coerulea x violacea v. coerulea 'GA' AM/AOS - $15

C. tigrina 'Volcano Queen AM x L. milleri 'Fisure 8' HCC/AOS - $12

L. itambana x milleri 'Fissure 8' HCC/AOS - $12

L. (Mcp) moyobambae x wendlandii - $12

L. purpurata v. werkhauseri 'Kathleen' AM x warscewiczii v. coerulea 'Ituango' - $15

L. tenebrosa x C. bicolor - $12

S. Wildfire x sib (coccinea x wittigiana) - $15

Plant List for Orchid Eros, June 2024'

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