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Cattleya Species & Primary Hybrids


We offer a good selection of line bred species.  These are from superior parents often of the finest pedigrees. From typical to rare color forms, no one can say, "I have that already." You probably don't have ones this good!

The primary hybrids are from select parents and aim at a uniform, species-like crop, with the bonus of hybrid vigor.


Click Here for a printable list of these plants and prices. 

We will be at the Santa Barbara Show early March, so orders will ship late March. Mahalo!

New Additions in Yellow

Be aware these are often more newly potted

4" Species:

2" Species

B. appendiculata (cucullata) - $15

B. cordata v. alba - $15

B. nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS x 'Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - $15

C. bicolor v. measuresiana - $15

C. dormaniana 'Mt. View' AM/AOS x sib - $20

C. harrisoniana v. perloric 'Next Generation Splash' AM/AOS x v. punctata - $15

C. kerri - select sib cross - $15

C. loddigesii 'Royale' x 'Izzy' HCC/AOS - $15

C. loddigesii 'Izzy' HCC/AOS x 'Teteia' AM/AOS - $20

C. lueddemanniana v. rubra 'Psyche' x 'Dark Beauty' - $15

C. lueddemanniana semi-alba 'Margaret' AM/AOS x sib - $20

C. maxima v. coerulea 'Robert Johnson' x 'Stevie Ray Vaughan' AM/AOS - $20

C. percivaliana 'Black Diamond' x 'Canaima's Paramo' AM/AVO - $15

C. walkeriana flammea 'Divination' x tipo 'Couto' AM/AOS - $25

C. warneri v. alba 'Great White Hope' x 'Mauna Kea' AM/AOS - $20

C. walkeriana 'Welcome Back' x 'Canaima's Sunny Boy' AM/AOS (4N sibs) - $20

C. velutina 'Kylo' (CCM/AOS plant) x self - $15

L. gloriosa (Schom crispa) v. alba - $20

L. purpurata v. werkhauseri striata 'Valley Isle' x 'AWZ-USA' - $20

Schom. undulata v. alba 'Graf's Emerald' AM/AOS x 'Shogun' AM/AOS - $25

Primary Hybrids:


Primary Hybrids:


B. nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS x L. tenebrosa 'Rainforest' FCC/AOS - $12

C. Eximia (warneri x purpurata) v. coerulea x sib - $12

C. dowiana v. aurea x C. forbesii v. aurea 'Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - $15

C. forbesii x velutina - $12

C. loddigesii 'Got It All Goin' On' JC x harrisoniana v. punctata 'Next Generation Splash' AM/AOS - $15

C. lueddemanniana v. concolor x trianae 'Full Moon' AM/AOS - $15

C. lueddemanniana v. rubra 'Overlapping' x warscewiczii 'XXX Oscuro' - $15

C. maxima v. alba x violacea v. alba - $12

C. maxima v. coerulea 'Robert Johnson' x violacea v. coerulea 'Popa Chubby' AM/AOS - $15

C. schofieldiana x velutina - $12

C. Suzanne Hye (gaskelliana x mossiae) v. coerulea 4N x sib and x self - $12

C. trianae v. semi-alba 'Kathleen' x lueddemanniana v. s/a 'Izzy' - $15

C. walkeriana v. coerulea x nobilior v. coerulea - $15

L. (schom) gloriosa v. alba x C. aclandiae v. alba - $15

Rvc. David Sander (Rl. digbyana x B. appendiculata) - $15



Plant List for Orchid Eros, March 2023'

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