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Shop - Cattleya Hybrids & Clones

The hybrid plants are mostly in-house breeding lines. Ben's passion in this business is breeding orchids. We strive for  improved offspring for both award quality and plant vigor. Please contact us for orders or questions. *see homepage*

We are fortunate to be in a Hawaii mountain environment. Our nights average in the upper 50's, so some of our  breeding is for cooler growing Cattleyas - Sophronitis types. Please keep that in mind with your selections.

New additions in Yellow

Be aware these are often more newly potted.

4" Cattleya Hybrids

2" Hybrids

C. Atalanta 'Hawaii' x L. Wellesley 'Nelda' AM/AOS - schombocatt - $10

C. C. G. Roebling 'Blue Magic' AM x Sincomedia coerulea 'Gabriel' AM - compact blues - $10

C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS x self - $10

C. Miracle of Mine 'Sebastian Ferrell' x Polestar 'Orchid Eros Flare' AM/AOS - compact orange/red - $10

C. Sierra Blanca 'Mt/ Whitney' AM/AOS x Ellen Degeneres 'Mammoth'- xlg white or lavender - $10

C. Sincomedia v. coerulea 'Gabriel' AM x amethystoglossa v. coerulea 'Orchid Eros' AM - $12

C. velutina x Rlc. Little Mike 'Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - novelty - $10

C. Warpaint 'Lennette' x Ctt. Miracle Of Mine 'Circles Within Circles' -compact reds - $10

Lct. Mem. Earl Blanford 'OK' HCC/AOS x Mcp. christinae - schombocatt - $10

Psl. Pauka'a Vital x Mcp. wenlandii - schombocatt - $10

Rlc. Darcy-Rose Campbell 'Paradise' x Heather's Gold 'Main Force' - lg yellow/artshades- $10

Rlc. Delta King 'Sunshine' AM/AOS x Erin Kobayashi 'Lahain Gold' AM - lg yellows - $12

Rlc. Goldenzelle 'Sandra' x Melody Fair  'Carol' - lg yellow w/ colored lip - $10

Rlc. James Clarkson 'Pauwela' x Lucinda S. Seale 'Mt. View' - lg red/purples - $10

Rlc. Kilauea at Night 'New Flow 2016' x Walden's Glen 'Green Man's Grapes' AM/AOS - novelty red/purple bifoliate - $10 

Rlc. Lucinda S. Seale 'Deep Purple' x Sachiko Tsugawa 'Kilauea' AM/AOS -lg purple/red - $10

Rlc. Mem. Crispin Rosales remake (Bonanza 'Valerie' x Norman's Bay 'Lucille' - $15

Rlc. Mem. Helen Brown 'Showpiece' AM/AOS x C. schofieldiana - novelty - $10

Rlc. Pastoral x Lc. Higher Ground 'Hackneau' - pink anceps-like - $10

Rlc. Ronald's Canyon x Pink Empress - XL pink/purple - $10

Rlc. Sachiko Tsugawa 'Kilauea' AM/AOS x Tamara Morrison 'Ginormica' -XL red/purples - $10

Rlc. Secret Affair 'Thanksgiving' x Ellen Degeneres 'Ghosts and Goblins' -XL art shades - $10

(Rlc. Spanish Eyes x Lakeland) 'Blood Orange' x C. velutina - novelty orange - $10

Rlc. Trojan Gold 'Rose Marie' x Heather's Gold 'Main Strike' - lg yellow - $10

Rlc. Wilderness Magic 'Green Goblin' x 'Rl. Aristocrat 'Orchid Eros' - lg greens - $10

Primary Hybrids:


B. Yaki (nodosa 'Gabriel Amaru' x appendiculata 'Gabriel Amaru') - $12

C. bicolor (clear brown) x tenuis 'Orchid Eros' HCC/AOS - $12

C. Callistoglossa (purpurata schusteriana x warscewiczii s/a) - $12

C. forbesii x velutina - $12

C. forbesii x Mcp. christinae - $12

C. guttata (clear) x tenuis 'Orchid Eros' HCC/AOS - $12

C. Hardyana (dowiana rosita 'B. Posey' AM x warscewiczii 'Geneslag' AM) - $20

C. intermedia v. aquinnii coerulea x violacea v. coerulea 'GA' AM/AOS - $15

C. Juno (forbesii aurea 'SF' AM x dowiana aurea) - $15

C. lueddemanniana v. rubra 'Overlapping' x warscewiczii 'XXX Oscuro') - $15

C. maxima v. alba x violacea v. alba - $12

C. maxima v. coerulea 'Robert Johnson' x violacea v. coerulea 'Popa Chubby' AM/AOS - $15

C. Mrs. Mahler (bicolor x guttata) 'Extraordinaire' AM/AOS x 'Cane Toad' AM/AOS - $15

C. Peckhaviensis v. alba ? (aclandiae alba x schilleriana alba) - some foliage pigment - $15

C. Princess v. coerulea (trianae coerulea "dark" x luedd coerulea 'Canaima's Mestiso') - $15

C. schofieldiana 'Jolly Green Giant' FCC/AOS x schilleriana - $12

C. schofieldiana x velutina - $12

C. tigrina 'Voodoo Queen' HCC/AOS x L. milleri 'Fissure 8' HCC/AOS - $12

C. velutina x B. nodosa  - $12

C. velutina 'Luke' HCC/AOS x schilleriana 'Psyche' - $12

C. walkeriana v. coerulea x nobilior v. coerulea - $12

L. itambana x briegeri - $12

L. itambana x milleri 'Fissure 8' HCC/AOS - $12

L. moyobambae x Mcp. wendlandii - $12

L. purpurata v. rubra 'Tiete' x Mcp. wendlandii - $12

L. purpurata v. werkhauseri striata x C. violacea v. coerulea - $12

L. tenebrosa v. aurea 'Pauwela' AM/AOS x forbesii v. aurea 'SF' AM/AOS - $15

Plant list update for Orchid Eros, December 2023

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