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The hybrid plants are mostly in-house breeding lines. Ben's passion in this business is breeding orchids. We strive for  improved offspring for both award quality and plant vigor. Please contact us for orders or questions. *see homepage*

We are fortunate to be in a Hawaii mountain environment. Our nights average in the upper 50's, so some of our  breeding is for cooler growing Cattleyas - Sophronitis types. Please keep that in mind with your selections.

New additions in Yellow

Be aware these are often more newly potted

4" Cattleya Hybrids

2" Hybrids

C. aclandiae 'Mirtha Isabel' AM/AOS x Rlc. Little Mike 'Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - spotted greens w/ colored lips - $10

C. Alice Dupont 'Waldor' AM/AOS - classic white clone - $20

C. Felix Alfonso Estrada x B. nodosa 'Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - novelty splash w/ spots - $10

C. guttata v. coerulea x C. Interglossa v. coerulea - multifloral blues - $10

C. HG Selfridge x Elegance - $10

C. Mareeba Tiger 'Darth Sidius' AM/AOS x 'Kylo Ren' AM/AOS - $12

C. Mareeba Tiger 'Darth Sidius' AM/AOS x L. milleri 'Fissure8' HCC/AOS - novelty - $10

C. Sierra Winter 'Bodacious' AM/AOS x self - xlg white - $10

C. Stephen Oliver Fouraker x Lc. Higher Ground - semi-albas - $10

C. warneri v. alba 'Claire' AM/AOS x Graevesiana v. alba - whites - $10

Ctt. Brasstown 'Neon Glow' x Rlc. Ruby Suisse 'Debbie' AM/AOS - multiflora reds - $10

Lc. C G Roebling 'Blue Magic' AM/AOS x Sincomedia coerulea 'Gabriel Amaru' AM/AOS - $10

Rlc. Barbara Briggs x Mem. Rosalyn Reisman 'Carmela' - xlg purple - $10

Rlc. Chia Lin 'Shinsu' x Sachiko Tsugawa 'Kilauea' lg reds - $10

Rlc. Chia Lin 'Golden Super' FCC/AOS x Myrtle Beach 'Newberry' AM/AOS  - lg red/purple - $10

Rlc. Jump For Joy 'Whopper' x C. Culminant 'La Toulerie' HCC/AOS - $10

Rlc. King Midas' Gold x Heather's Gold 'Main Strike' yellows -$10

Rlc. Frank Gilmore 'Mendenhall' AM x Sachiko Tsugawa 'Volcano Queen' -lg art to red - $10

Rlc. Mem. Roy Field x Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS

Rlc. Orglades Nigrescent x Hawaiian Ruby 'Paradise' - lg reds - $10

Rlc. Ports Of Paradise 'Emerald Isle' FCC/AOS x Mem. Gladys Young - lg green - $10

Rlc. Sharon Forsythe 'Orange-Red' x (Spanish Eyes x Lakeland) 'Blood Orange' -lg red/prange - $10

Rth. Peaches 'Mendenhall' x C. schroederae - lg pink to peach - $10

Primary Hybrids:


B. nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS x L. tenebrosa 'Rainforest' FCC/AOS - $15

C. bicolor x C. dormaniana - $12

C. dowiana v. aurea x C. forbesii v. aurea 'Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - $15

C. trianae v. concolor x schroederae - $12

L. briegeri x C. violacea s/a flamea - $12

Encyclia pyriformis x E. phoenicia - $12

Plant list update for Orchid Eros, September 2022