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The hybrid plants are mostly in-house breeding lines. Ben's passion in this business is breeding orchids. We strive for  improved offspring for both award quality and pot-plant salability. Please contact us for orders or questions. *see homepage*

We are fortunate to be in a Hawaii mountain environment. Our nights average in the upper 50's, so some of our  breeding is for cooler growing Cattleyas - Sophronitis types. Please keep that in mind with your selections.

New additions in Yellow

Be aware these are often more newly potted

5" Hybrids

4" Cattleya Hybrids

C. granulosa x Rl. Aristocrat 'Green Giant'HCC/AOS - novelty green - $17

2" Hybrids

C. Brazilian Midway 'Too Good Too'AM/AOS x harrisoniana 'Volcano King'FCC/AOS - $10

C. Tai Rose 'Leonard's Progeny'AM/AOS x C. bicolor 'Calliope'HCC/AOS - $10

Lc. Bela Lugosi  x C. Pacavia - novelty schombocatt $10

Lc. Gaston Dion (rex x tenebrosa) x Emily Clarkson (breigeri x dowiana) - $10

Rlc. Fort Watson 'Rose Glow' x Edisto 'Newberry'HCC/AOS - lg red/purple - $8

Rlc. Murray Spencer 'Armroy's Dark Star'FCC/AOS x Fred S. Missbach 'Hackneau' -lg purple $8

Rlc. Psuedo McDonald 'Gabriel AMaru'HCC x Little Mike 'Orchid Eros'AM - lg greens with colored lip - $10

Primary Hybrids:


C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade'AM/AOS x schilleriana 'SFO'AM/AOS - $12

C. alaorii x praestans concolor - $10

C. amethystoglossa 4N x loddigesii peloric punctata 'Got It All Goin'On'JC/AOS - $10

C. bicolor coerulea x aclandiae coerulea (C. Fascelis -MAYBE coerulea) - $10

C. lueddemanniana rubra x trianae sangre de toro 'Hernando Garcia' - $10

C. schilleriana 'Aglaia'AM/AOS x aclandiae 'Mem. Charles Oliveros'AM/AOS - $12

C. trianae coerulea 'Miamai WOC' x lueddemanniana coerulea 'Orchid Eros'AM -$12

C. walkeriana 'Mirtha Isabel Oliveros'AM x L. pumila 'AWZ-USA'HCC - $12

C. warscewiczii v. sanderiana x lueddemanniana rubra - $12


C. violacea 'Muse'FCC/AOS x walkeriana 'Mirtha Isabel Oliveros'AM/AOS - $20

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