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Shop - Cattleya Hybrids & Clones

The hybrid plants are mostly in-house breeding lines. Ben's passion in this business is breeding orchids. We strive for  improved offspring for both award quality and plant vigor. Please contact us for orders or questions. *see homepage*

We are fortunate to be in a Hawaii mountain environment. Our nights average in the upper 50's, so some of our  breeding is for cooler growing Cattleyas - Sophronitis types. Please keep that in mind with your selections.

New additions in Yellow

Be aware these are often more newly potted.

4" Cattleya Hybrids

2" Hybrids

C. C. G. Roebling 'Blue Magic' AM x Sincomedia coerulea 'Gabriel' AM - compact blues - $10

C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS x self - $10

C. Miracle of Mine 'Sebastian Ferrell' x Polestar 'Orchid Eros Flare' AM/AOS - compact orange/red - $10

C. Sincomedia v. coerulea 'Gabriel' AM x amethystoglossa v. coerulea 'Orchid Eros' AM - $12

C. velutina x Rlc. Little Mike 'Orchid Eros' AM/AOS - novelty - $10

Rlc. Delta King 'Sunshine' AM/AOS x Erin Kobayashi 'Lahain Gold' AM - lg yellows - $12

Rlc. Goldenzelle 'Sandra' x Melody Fair  'Carol' - lg yellow w/ colored lip - $10

Rlc. James Clarkson 'Pauwela' x Lucinda S. Seale 'Mt. View' - lg red/purples - $10

Rlc. Karao Suzuki 'Volcano Queen' x Erin Kobayashi 'Lahaina Gold' AM/AOS - lg yellows - $10

Rlc. Lucinda S. Seale 'Deep Purple' x Sachiko Tsugawa 'Kilauea' AM/AOS -lg purple/red - $10

Rlc. Lucinda S. Seale 'Red Velvet' x Sachiko Tsugawa 'Kilauea' AM/AOS -lg purple/red - $10

Rlc. Marjorie Kekauoha 'Aloha' x Chia Lin 'New City' AM/AOS - lg reds - $10

Rlc. Mem. Helen Brown 'Showpiece' AM/AOS x C. schofieldiana - novelty - $10

Rlc. Pastoral x Lc. Higher Ground 'Hackneau' - pink anceps-like - $10

Rlc. Ronald's Canyon x Pink Empress - XL pink/purple - $10

Rlc. Sachiko Tsugawa 'Kilauea' AM/AOS x Tamara Morrison 'Ginormica' -XL red/purples - $10

Rlc. Secret Affair 'Thanksgiving' x Ellen Degeneres 'Ghosts and Goblins' -XL art shades - $10

(Rlc. Spanish Eyes x Lakeland) 'Blood Orange' x C. velutina - novelty orange - $10

Rlc. Trojan Gold 'Rose Marie' x Heather's Gold 'Main Strike' - lg yellow - $10

Rlc. Wilderness Magic 'Green Goblin' x 'Rl. Aristocrat 'Orchid Eros' - lg greens - $10

Primary Hybrids:


C. bicolor (clear brown) x tenuis 'Orchid Eros' HCC/AOS - $12

C. bowringiana v. coerulea 'Augusta' AM x C. violacea v. coerulea 'Gabriel Amaru' AM - $15

C. forbesii x Mcp. christinae - $12

C. guttata (clear) x tenuis 'Orchid Eros' HCC/AOS - $12

C. intermedia v. aquinnii coerulea x violacea v. coerulea 'GA' AM/AOS - $15

C. Fulvescens (forbesii aurea 'SF' AM x dowiana aurea) - $15

C. maxima v. coerulea 'Robert Johnson' x violacea v. coerulea 'Popa Chubby' AM/AOS - $15

C. Mrs. Mahler (bicolor x guttata) 'Extraordinaire' AM/AOS x 'Cane Toad' AM/AOS - $15

C. Peckhaviensis v. alba ? (aclandiae alba x schilleriana alba) - some foliage pigment - $15

C. Princess v. coerulea (trianae coerulea "dark" x luedd coerulea 'Canaima's Mestiso') - $15

C. schofieldiana 'Jolly Green Giant' FCC/AOS x schilleriana - $12

C. schofieldiana x velutina - $12

Bc. . Veludosa (B. nodosa x C. velutina)  - $12

C. velutina 'Luke' HCC/AOS x schilleriana 'Psyche' - $12

L. itambana x briegeri - $12

L. itambana x milleri 'Fissure 8' HCC/AOS - $12

L. tenebrosa v. aurea 'Pauwela' AM/AOS x forbesii v. aurea 'SF' AM/AOS - $15

S. Wildfire x sib (coccinea x wittigiana) - $15

Plant list update for Orchid Eros, February 2024

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