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Orchid Eros Inc. began on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2004. First and foremost, we are a R & D nursery dedicated to advancing species and hybrids of the cattleya alliance.  As a Mom and Pop nursery, our operation is small and given to impeccable quality.


Owner-operator Ben Oliveros spent 12 years as a commercial orchid grower in Atlanta, GA before moving to the Big Island. His passion brought him here, because this is where his plants would grow best. He came with 500 breeding plants and has expanded his nursery stock to 40,000. As an AOS judge, he has learned the importance of quality. Yet as a potted plant grower, he knows the need for floriferousness. So he hopes to bring you superior flowers on plants that bloom early and bloom often.

Hope springs eternal!




Mission Statement


Orchid Eros is a wholesale commercial nursery, a specialty retailer, a research and development center, and mostly an orchid obsession. Our goal is to provide cutting edge plants and old favorites grown to perfection. Fortunately, Mother Nature provides most of the growing perfection here on the windward side of the Big Island.


With a growing mass market of orchids, the face of the business has drastically changed. Most of the older orchid firms have closed, and we are left with few nurseries dedicated to orchid breeding. Frankly, it is much easier to grow and sell clones. But the future of orchids lies in the hands of those willing to experiment and those willing to chance something unique in an orchid hybrid. So support your American breeders and buy seedlings!

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